MERLE’S TRUCK AND AUTO REPAIR.  Muffler, Auto Electric



                                                            Merles Repair,  Truck,  Auto,  Muffler,  Auto Electric

                                                           This is our building at 606 West Railroad.   Burley,  Idaho

           Phone us at (208)878-8011 to see what we can do for you.

                                             What we do.

    At Merle's Repair.  We repair almost anything but specialize  in automotive and trucks.  We have the most advanced test equipment  for electronics  in cars and trucks.   Also tune up and ignition test equipment manufactured.  Our shop has a state of the art Exhaust Gas Analyzer to tell wether your engine is using its fuel  as efficiently as possible.  We have added an exhaust bending machine so we now can repair or replace your exhaust system.

   We at Merle's believe in repairing the vehicle by only replacing  the defective electronic parts.  That is where our advanced Automotive Test  Soulutions equipment comes into play.  We use it to test the components to make sure they are working correctly instead of  just replacing them.


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